Silvia Kal is Currently in Madrid Shooting a Netflix Film

Silvia Kal is currently in her hometown, Madrid, shooting a movie for Nexflix. The Spanish actress moved to Los Angeles almost 11 years ago but work took her back to Spain to shoot a beautiful Spanish film for the acclaimed platform where its 203.7 M subscribers will be able to enjoy the film.

Photographer: Michelle Pinto

She can’t reveal much about the movie but she says the subject of the movie is dance, which is very meaningful for her because it was a big part of her life. For now, she only posted a vintage looking video on her Instagram page where she shows the makeup room and herself getting ready.

Photographer: Michelle Pinto

It is not the first time Silvia Kal works in Spanish projects since she left her country. We saw her playing the psychologist of David Bisbal (one of the most famous Spanish singers) in his music video FIEBRE. The video was shot in Los Angeles. Bisbal flew there to film at a beautiful mansion that represented the consultation of his psychologist, Miss Kal. They also shot a fun campaign of three little short films to announce the video before it was released.

Photographer: Michelle Pinto

Most recently she played the role of Verena in the award-winning series Crypto Game. In the series, a group of females (Silvia one of them) discover themselves trapped in a strange game.

Kal is now getting ready to film the movie Love in the Time of Coronavirus, alongside her friend and fellow actress Amor Sánchez.

In the past, we saw her racing cars against Snoop Dogg in the music video ‘Let the Bass Go’ for the Dreamworks movie Turbo, playing a soldier in the commercial of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video game Mobile Strike, and in many other projects.

Silvia has been named the Woman Of The Week by GQ magazine, A Woman We Love by Esquire magazine, one of the 28 Influential Women’s in Latinamerica by Spanish Influential magazine, and the woman of the month that Men’s Health magazine Mexico ran on its pages. Kal is currently the image of the bikini line Swim By Judit and has worked in commercials or print ads for brands such as Google, Sony, Natura Bisse, Pelle Moda, etc.

Photographer: Michelle Pinto

Her last Instagram posts show her TV hosting side. She posted a video interviewing one of the members of one of the best-selling Latin music bands, Maná, and a photo interviewing iconic actor Ryan O’Neal in his Malibu home.

What will be next? Stay tuned with her Instagram! @silviakalofficial