Hing Zhe Lee, the Malaysian Songwriter to Watch

Malaysian songwriting sensation, Hing Zhe Lee, is growing at a rapid pace, connecting with world-famous songwriters and co-writing for multiple upcoming projects. He has gained attraction whilst being here in the united states. His talents have caught the eyes of some of the biggest names in the music industry like Kasia Livingston who has been accredited for working on songs with the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.

Hing has worked on many songs in his lifetime as a songwriter, but the preview for his upcoming song “Heaven” is the most moving piece I’ve heard in his catalog. The song was ignited by the death of his best friend Marcus Choo. The talented songwriter, Hing Zhe Lee, worked closely with the legendary songwriter Kasia to craft the song to honor his friend. Hing wrote the heart-felt lyrics alongside Kasia, together creating an ear catching melody. The release of this beautiful sentiment is scheduled for December, the month Marcus took his own life; a tribute to his friend.

Hing has also worked closely with Reshma Martin an esteemed Malaysian singer songwriter. He performed with her as a guitarist at venues: Merdekarya, The Bee, and Jefferey Cheah Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a songwriter, he was accredited with the creation of the song “Peace” and “Our Last Words” with Reshma Martin, which will be released early next year with both Reshma and Hing on vocals.

Another rising artist he is working with is Velia Kalypso, a latin pop & rock artist who has opened and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. When Velia opened for the world renown band, La Sonora Dinamita, at The Levitt Pavillion, she performed the song “Hombres De Sudor” which was written by both Velia and Hing. Velia wrote the Spanish lyrics to the song while Hing wrote the English lyrics, creating a bilingual work of art. Alongside Velia Kalypso, he has worked with Joe Ryan III, who is a famous songwriter/musician that has been placed in movies like “BEATS” for his song “I Need You”. Joe Ryan III has also worked with Leela James, Kristen Bell and many other stars; giving Hing the mentorship needed to rise in the industry. Joe Ryan III also wrote the song “All I Want Is You” the song for Teen Titans Go! Which generated over a million views on youtube. Together, Hing, Velia, and Joe Ryan III collaborated in making the upcoming smash song “Go Go” which will be sung by Velia but instrumentally arranged by Hing. The song will be released next year January.

We look forward to all the upcoming releases from this incredible Malaysian songwriter, Hing Zhe Lee!