Daniel Delhoyo stars in the upcoming Drama “The Education of a Negro”

Daniel Delhoyo plays the role of Jack in the upcoming Drama “The Education of a Negro” after dazzling Mexican audiences with the TV Series “Entre Dos”.

The film’s plot revolves around Kenny. A man in his 30’s who lives a decently happy life until his brother, Kirk, is killed by a cop, which leads to multiple discoveries that go beyond the actual murder and more about the motives. Daniel plays Officer Tim Brady’s son, Jack.

“I play the role of Jack, the son of a police former involved in the killing of an African-American man, an incident that unleashes emotional distress in my character’s personal life and my family’s.” Explains Delhoyo.

It’s the second All-American role he plays (first one was Frenchman’s Flat) and this one is probably even more political than the last one. Daniel says “I keep getting hired for roles that at first make me feel self-conscious. And I love that. The challenging scary ones that make you cringe are the ones that bring the best rewards.”

He also explains that “It definitely feels like a lot of responsibility, since we’re portraying delicate topics that are being dealt with more than ever. Working on a film that thematically portrays racism is by far one of the most delicate pieces you can work on. All eyes will be on you.”

Director Ryan Culver put himself in touch with Daniel after seeing his performance in the release of his hit show “Entre Dos”, where he shared credits with Mexican TV Stars Jesus More and Omar Chaparro.

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